Experienced in servicing Interiors since 1992 

Provide Initial Design Consultation. We execute and deliver satisfied completion of rendered services.  Our projects service varies from small per individual room.  Full home re-design, staging an estate for sale.  Service full turn-key:  from the beginning of the front view curb appeal, landscaping, elements of interior color, custom cabinetry into the end concept of an installed back yard lighting of a focal feature.  We provide corporate office space and furniture delivery planning service.  We service and consult conceptual planning and remodeling. Assist in construction documents and necessary permits.

Before you start calling around for your home or office design you need to see which ones fit the vision and budget:

  1. Look for local pros in your area
  2. Research company license
  3. Read reviews, rating or word of mouth for each one
  4. Make a list of at three of four company’s you’d like to contact

Verify Qualifications

For each project consider to ask several following details:

  • Discovery of background, or course of education
  • current business license
  • experience with similar types of projects
  • Portfolio images or previous client blue print jobs
  • clear information regarding project costs and timelines terms
  • variety of company innovative ideas, quality of products or National vendors
  • Project management of an experienced team of contracted workers

Schedule a Consultation                                                                                                                          

A consultation is a short interview.  Some questions to ask are to obtain the following:

  • info about each other
  • Collaborative work potential at initial meeting
  • project expectations
  • Scope of work to achieve satisfactory design concept
  • benefits of hiring  the expert
  • verify plan of hired pros for completion
  • potential costs

Just like any other home improvement contractor, there are great designers out there and others that are not good. You’ll want to talk to more than one to make an educated choice.

Anytime you want to build an addition or change the exterior of your home, you may need necessary permitting, an Architect or Structural Engineer.

Do residential remodeling Architects do the same thing as Interior designers?

Comparing residential remodeling architects to interior designers shows that they are similar but not identical. Both are responsible for creating a functional inside space. Architects also address concerns related to the structure, such as insulation or energy efficiency.

Once you sign a contract with for your home project, the next steps depend on clients needs. The pro may create a design and then hire contractors to carry it out. They may also bring in contractors to aid in the planning process.

Custom Homes

The custom home of your dreams and its design might be more important than anything else.  Place a vision with a flexible project budget and time to complete construction.

We suggest hiring an Architect to design specifically what structure and framing you imagine. Then, you can ask us the pro to help you find contractors who will build detail elements to specification and bring in the vision for interiors and finalize blue print/ drafting stages. This approach takes longer and costs more, but you’re more likely to get exactly what you want.

Small Projects

If you have a strict budget or timeline, you’ll need to be more flexible about the project itself. Tell the pro about your constraints at the start.                                                                             For these jobs, you may prefer to hire a full-service agency or an architect with connections to contractors who can do the work. This helps cuts down on time for the project and keeps cost estimates realistic from the beginning.  Our projects service room by room. Elements of interior details include:  window treatments, flooring, cabinets, furniture, office/home accessories custom drapery, bedding ensembles, appliances to name a few.